Jay Brooks
for Sheriff

An Elite Officer & Leader

Jay Brooks was a decorated graduate of the FBI's National Academy. This training has helped prepare Jay for the challenges ahead.

A Legacy of Service

With over 25 years of service to Chesterfield County, Jay Brooks brings a legacy of service to the Sheriff's Office.


Get Involved

Support Jay Brooks' campaign for Sheriff! Host events, get a yard sign, or volunteer. There are several ways you can get involved.


Connect Socially


Jay Brooks for Sheriff speaking at a local Cheravian's Club meeting


"Chesterfield County Needs a strong Sheriff's department that we can be proud of. I want to get us back to that place."
Jay Brooks, 2014

Why Jay Brooks, Why Now?

Want to know why Jay Brooks is running for Sheriff? There are several reasons Jay Brooks is running in this election that will benefit you.

An Established & Proven Leader

From taking initiative to start programs tackling issues that face the county, to rising the ranks & becoming Police Chief, Jay Brooks is an established leader.

More on Jay's Leadership

Reaching the County's Youth

For 6 years Jay Brooks positively impacted Chesterfield County youth by establishing the first Drug Abuse Resistance Education program ever in the county.